Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Baby...

With Christmas getting closer and closer, I thought I would share some of the items on my list this year! Santa, I have been extra good this year!

I could really use some stationary with my new name or "The Stones". I have found some cute designs on Etsy:

I would DIE for these TB flats!

I love the style of these silky, blousy tops. I would love one in every color!

Here is something I don't want to receive as a gift, but really need. I still have my original towel wrap from my FRESHMAN year in college!

What girl doesn't want a monogrammed necklace?

Cooking Light would be great in my mailbox every month!

I love wine - which means I need this:

Fancy makeup is always nice - Sephora gift cards never disappoint!

These Anthro plates are cute for eating or hanging on a wall! We need some wall art for our apartment.

A new coffee table is top on my list. Our current table does not allow for foot-propping. When we get a house, I will re-purpose our current table, but for now this is the one I love:

Some colorful jeans/cords:

New workout clothes. Would really love the "Puddle Jumper" Jacket in black. It has a cute ruffle on the back and is on sale!

Okay I guess that is it for now! I will be back in a few for some Santa ideas for men!


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